Ray Tierney joins iSentium as President and COO

iSentium, the global leader in extracting value from social sentiment feeds like Twitter and Stocktwits, has hired Financial Services veteran Ray Tierney, as President and COO. Mr. Tierney will report to iSentium CEO, Gautham Sastri.

Tierney’s resume includes lengthy tenures at Morgan Stanley & Co., Morgan Stanley Investment Management and Bloomberg spanning his 36 years in Capital Markets. Ranked #1 on Institutional Investors 2016 Trading Technology 40, Tierney has long been at the forefront in the emerging world of FINTECH and the expansive new horizon it presents financial services.

Ray Tierney, iSentium President and COO.

In addition to his drive to effect change and build businesses, Tierney is also well known for his leadership in Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, as well as his presence in the community. In 2017, Tierney was awarded the inaugural Ken Heath Award by the STA for the leadership he has shown in empowering women and underrepresented groups in finance. He also sits on several Boards, including The Ronald McDonald House as well as National Organization of Investment Professionals (NOIP).

Tierney stated, “I set out to position myself in a private FINTECH organization that has a strategic focus in capital markets.” He continued, “iSentium, with their strong management team, raw processing power and data science IP separates them from the pack of providers in Alternative data, specifically social media and social driven news feeds. The continued acceptance and adoption of alternative data in capital markets is very much what the reimagination of financial services is all about and the perfect complement to where I could leverage my experience, passion, and drive to scale and accelerate our growth forward.”

Founded in 2008, iSentium, which has offices in the US and Canada, uses patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract sentiment from unstructured social content then instantly transforms it into highly actionable indicators in Finance, Brand Management and Politics. iSentium’s management team led by Gautham Sastri and CTO, Dr. Anna Maria Di Sciullo, bring a wealth of experience from both industry and academia with skills ranging from Big Data, finance, linguistics and signal processing. Our world-class team, comprised of linguists, quants, and computer scientists has collectively published over 200 papers and 18 books. Sastri, a seasoned technology entrepreneur and investor, having previously founded Terrascale Technologies and Maximum Throughput. Over the past three decades, Gautham has worked on Big Data problems in diverse areas such as seismic processing, weather forecasting and large-scale simulations/data analysis for government agencies. He has co-authored two granted patents in both the field of cloud storage, and sentiment analysis and has three additional patents pending. On April 10th of this year, ISENTIUM was granted it’s 3rd patent for generating data from social media messages for the real time evaluation of publicly traded assets.

Sastri stated: “Ray’s decision to join iSentium is a powerful endorsement of our strategic vision, as well as our ability to operate a multi-disciplinary team staffed with renowned experts in disparate areas such as AI, NLP, Big Data and Signal Processing. When I got involved with FINTECH in 2010, Internet traffic was about 10 Gigabytes/sec – this has now grown to over 60,000 Gigabytes/sec. Simply put, Alternative data is now Too Big to Ignore. I sought out Ray because he sets a very high benchmark in everything that he does, be it professionally, charitably or athletically. I am truly excited about the prospect of working with Ray to execute on our shared vision.”


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