Leron Wells

Principal Engineer

Leron Wells brings over 30 years of experience in developing signal processing algorithms and solving big data problems for the Oil & Gas industry. Over the years, he watched the transition from data being processed on 9-track tapes to the original hard drives. From his first job as a computer operator at Digicon Geophysical in 1987 to his last position as VP of Research and Development at Tsunami Development, Leron has built a track record around delivering edge.

Leron’s experience has allowed him to see huge, liquid-cooled main frames eventually become replaced by clusters of personal computers and all the paradigm shifts required in software development to meet those changes. He has served roles as computer operator, software developer, sales support, system administration, research and development. As an Executive, and has exited startup companies twice. He has spent a large portion of his career striving to provide both employers and customers with cutting-edge Geoscience products. In delivering the most critical product to employers over the years, Leron has found that the essence of that product is always information.

Leron hails from Texas where everything is bigger including his engineering solutions.