Dr. Anna Maria Di Sciullo
Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Anna Maria Di Sciullo is a world-renowned linguist and student of Professor Noam Chomsky, often called “the founder of modern linguistics.”   Read More
Gautham Sastri
Chief Executive Officer
Gautham Sastri is a seasoned technology entrepreneur and investor with over 30 years of experience in signal processing, cloud computing, and intelligence gathering. Read More
Ray Tierney
Ray Tierney is a veteran's veteran in Financial Services. His resume includes lengthy tenures at Morgan Stanley & Co., Morgan Stanley Investment Management and Bloomberg spanning his 36 years in Capital Markets. Read More
Noam Tasch
Senior VP of Finance, Fintech Strategy & Business Development
iSentium’s strategic compass, Noam Tasch has over 12 years experience in financial services, technology development, and management consulting. Read More
Leron Wells
Principal Engineer
Leron Wells brings over 30 years of experience in developing signal processing algorithms and solving big data problems for the Oil & Gas industry. Read More
John Snyder
Principal Technologist
John has over 38 years’ experience in high performance computing and software development. During his career, he has held multiple positions across Oracle, Sun, SGI, NEC, Pennzoil, GE and various other oil and gas exploration companies. Read More
Vincent Di Sciullo
Vincent Di Sciullo occupies a key multi-disciplinary role in iSentium, bridging strategic activities in the Natural Language Processing team with business development and client management. Read More