Dr. Anna Maria Di Sciullo

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Anna Maria Di Sciullo is a world-renowned linguist and student of Professor Noam Chomsky, often called “the founder of modern linguistics.” She is a postdoctoral scholar from MIT and a visiting scientist at M.I.T. and Harvard. She is the co-author of 2 patents, has received numerous awards, and was designated a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Dr. Di Sciullo has authored 18 books and over 150 papers, and has received research grants in excess of $8.5 Million.

Dr. Di Sciullo is also Full Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Associate Professor of the Cognitive Computation Program at the University of Quebec in Montreal. Her work in theoretical linguistics, and in particular in the asymmetry of natural language, gave rise to MIT Press Oxford University press publications. Her work in Natural Language Processing led to the formulation of the Asymmetry Recovering Parser, providing deterministic parses for linguistic expressions. Her recent work in Language and mathematics led to the engineering of a sentiment mining system based on a compositional calculus applied on asymmetric relations.

Dr. Di Sciullo founded the Federation on Natural Language Processing, which brings together main actors in the area of theoretical linguistics, computational linguistics and information technology. More recently, she founded the International Network on Biolinguistics, bridging biology, linguistics, and Natural Language Processing. Chief Technology Officer