Clone of Unique Artificial Intelligence

Unique artificial intelligence

Dr. Anna Maria Di Sciullo and her team of Ph.Ds. and Post-Docs have developed differentiated technology over the better part of 10 years. With expertise…

INDUSTRY LEADING SENTIMENT ACCURACY: ~85% vs. ~60% industry average

​Filtration module detects novel spam methods
Suppression of ads, marketing and misinformation
Adaptive text normalization

​Identification of linguistic constituents
(e.g., adjective, noun, verb)
Emoji and emoticon detection
String-linear categorical representation

​Computation of hierarchical structure
No use of tree banks or reference to previous observations
Novel expressions are not problematic
​Recovery of covert elements
(i.e., filling the gaps in short messages)

​Lexical sentiment mapped to parts of speech
Ticker and domain-specific information is referenced
(e.g., ticker, company, product, etc.)

Sentiment score is calculated on the basis of structural relationship between
domain-specific and common sentiment bearing constituents​

iSentium’s patented Natural Language processing AI technology has been developed by a world class team of linguistic thought leaders led by Dr. Anna Maria Di Sciullo.

Core technology is unique in utilizing linguistic algorithms to provide precise and efficient processing of social media messages.

iSentium ~85% accuracy vs. ~60% achieved by Neural Network systems and Machine Learning methods.

​white papers

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  • Natural Language Processing AI Technology Overview
  • Sentiment Analysis Methods
  • iSentium Deterministic Computation vs. Stanford Deep Learning
  • Universal Sentiment Computation
  • Universal Grammar - Modeling human language and its diversity


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