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Data Science Platforms Help the Buy Side Integrate Alternative Data
"Asset managers are looking for ways to mine alternative data sets for investment ideas, recognizing that stock pickers cannot rely[...]
The iSENTIUM Chipotle Report
Executive Summary ​iSENTIUM has tracked consumer sentiment on Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc (CMG: NYSE) since the first E. coli reports[...]
Future Innovations of AI in Social Media Market – Top Key Vendors Like iSentium
"Lots of organizations don’t have the assets to enlist human staff that can screen patterns, social examples and bits of[...]
How to maintain control in the speed of ‘now’ – and turn social to your advantage
"Social media is now part of the fabric of everyday life and it shouldn’t be considered an enemy in a[...]
Five Powerful Ways To See If A Stock Is Overvalued
“Ultimately, a company can only be valuable if it is producing goods and services that others want. Companies that are[...]
Sentiment calculus for a method and system using social media for event-driven trading
It is often said that sentiment drives the stock market. How can a system that computes sentiment conveyed in social[...]
Why Data Scientists Are Crucial For AI Transformation
“No industry today can say that it is not data driven. With vast volume, speed and variety of data coming[...]
10 Good Reasons For AI To Keep Evolving In Finance
“We can plan for the market and ride the waves, but having a more accurate prediction of market conditions will[...]
Blockchain takes a back seat as banks focus on AI and data
“Investment banks are side-lining blockchain projects and prioritising investment in technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), data and cloud computing,[...]
Millennials Main Users Of Alternative Data
"We completed a study published by Integrity Research looking at the age distribution of alternative data users vs. the entire buy-side[...]
Ignore the hype and focus on machine learning objectives, say buy-side tech experts
Advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) may be improving trading strategies, but at the cost of transparency and[...]
SEC Seeks Software To Monitor Market-Moving Social-Media Posts
The SEC is seeking bids for a software tool that points out important and market moving social media posts. While[...]
Gold mine, or minefield? –
“Global exchanges make millions of dollars packaging data about deals taking place across their markets. Data and related services made[...]
US Department of Defense to Invest $2 Billion in AI Research
“Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) plans to invest $2 billion in AI research over the next five years.”  [...]
iSentium A Key Player In The AI Social Media Market Along With Microsoft, Google, IBM…
According to a report published by MarketsandMarkets™ (June 2018) iSentium makes the short list of Who's Who in AI. We[...]