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"If you torture the data long enough, it will confess"
 Ronald H. Coase, Essays on Economics and Economists


​​There is an estimated 65,000 gigabytes/second of global internet traffic, and 80%+ of it is unstructured. The magnitude of available information is beyond human processing capacity. iSENTIUM'S ingest capabilities of 3.5 billion messages per month enables us to capitalize on mass volumes of data.

patented and proven

​iSENTIUM is the only social sentiment provider with three granted patents (and two additional pending). Our vetted approach to sentiment computation has positioned us as industry experts in the realms of Chatbot suppression and sentiment extraction.


iSENTIUM delivers real-time reporting on market-relevant social media chatter. Financial institutions leverage our social sentiment as an additional portfolio optimization factor and risk management tool. We have combined some of the greatest minds in Linguistics, Finance and Extreme Speed Computing to enhance the ways in which financial professionals stay ahead of capital markets.

Next Level Cloud Computing

Leveraging only a single cloud instance, we have optimized our infrastructure footprint to enable max throughput with minimal costs. We process more data every SECOND than the New York Stock Exchange produces in L3 tick-data in a DAY, turning Tweets to sentiment in less than three milliseconds.

​Clean data

AI can be compared to the human brain and data to the oxygen that feeds it. If you feed the brain carbon monoxide, it will die. There’s a lot of carbon monoxide in the internet’s atmosphere. Bots account for nearly 42.2% of internet traffic. We are uniquely positioned to detect and suppress compromised information and provide clean intelligence to our partners.


​#1 listed partner on Twitter’s Finance Developer Site

No Scraping. No Public APIs. iSENTIUM only distributes data that meets Twitter’s Compliance standards.

​Global distributor of iSENTIUM data via Nasdaq’s Analytics Hub

​Content provider to JP Morgan’s In-house Derivatives Research group

​In 2016, launched a co-branded index with iSENTIUM based social sentiment intel on SPY <JPUSISEN>


Throughput Capacity

​Scalable ingest capabilities of 3.5 Billion messages per month

​​Optimized infrastructure footprint that leverages a single cloud instance to enable max throughput with minimal costs

Artificial Intelligence

​​​​Delivering differentiated accuracy

Filtering noise and suppressing chatbots

Extreme-Speed Computing

​​​Turn Tweets to Sentiment in < 3 milliseconds

​​Search capabilities to process 200,000+ messages per second

​Predictive positions need predictive signals​
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