"We're happy to have the folks at iSentium on board."

-Michael Markes, Managing Director, Nasdaq


"One startup harnesses data points from
social media to get Edge.”
 -Fox Business

"Wall Street institutions are paying more
attention to social analytics firms like iSentium."

-Rich Berk, Bloomberg

"A finance firm working with AI you should be afraid of."

-eFinancial Careers

"It's Google meets Social without limits."

-Gautham Sastri, iSentium CEO


"BlackRock is using analysis firms such as iSentium to start ramping up 
or scaling back targeted ads in sync with investor sentiment."

-The Wall Street Journal


"We quantify the human condition in real time."

-Gautham Sastri, iSentium CEO

Win With The Wisdom Of The Crowd

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